Second day

Yesterday all I did was to accumulate a number of vacancies to have a picture of what sort of job am I going to apply so I can write a custom CV. 

It is going to be customer service. So today I have to write a new CV orientated to only that. 

I think the CV is good enough already, it is slightly IT orientated but for a call centre is more than prepared. 

Applied for one as admin that is only for two weeks and a half but could be the foot in the door if I get it. That’s in the WIrral. 

I’ve applied to the other 3 through, it doesn’t make me feel confident that website to be honest. 

One hours later, I’ve lost counting of where have I applied, all of them related with customer service. 

I have applied all the ones I’ve seen in Reed, in Universal Jobmatch and in CV-Library. There are pleny of vacancies in Indeed but as usual is very disorganised as any meta-search engine. 

Well after so many sites and more than 44 applications it’s time for Gumtree. There is absolutely nothing of interest in Gumtree. 


Long time no see.

I’m in my first day applying for jobs in Liverpool. I officially moved on Saturday the 2nd of August. 

I’m in the beautiful Liverpool Central Library applying for jobs while doing an university assignment. I’ve woken up today as usual at 6:30 without any alarm. It is very weird but that bed is so comfy I’m waking up naturally after just 5 or 6 hours sleep, completely rested and ready. 

I went to Wetherspoon to have a breakfast roll (2.39 pounds) and then here to this Library. Took me a while to find a place to park the motorcycle, the usual places were full of them as it is Monday. 

I’m more focused right now on the assignment of the Uni. It is about robotics. It is the last assignment of that module. I’m so close to have 120 credits, I’m happy anyway as I already have 60, I can’t believe I’m an undergraduate student, even less that I am an undergraduate student in a foreign language. I wonder when will this country stop surprising me, more than 3 years here and I am still amused constantly. 

I’ve been stuck with one question of the TMA so now I’m back to applying. I’ll answer that question later in the house as I’m forced to watch a video. 

Let’s start with Reed. 90 jobs in a 10 miles radius in the last 7 days. I got 4 saved jobs. 
Now it’s time for CV-Library. 

So three hours after the coffee break I’m back in the computer. I have moved the bike closer to the Library, had a coffee and lunch with Fran, bought a backup battery for the iPhone (one less problem) and brough the headphones so I can carry on also studying as I needed to watch a video before I could continue. 

So first of all, let’s put some music and check all the jobs in CV-Library before I write a CV and apply for a few of them. I’ve just read over 200 vacancies in CV-Library and I only saved 2 jobs, CV-Library is not good for Liverpool. 

Let me try with universal jobmatch, maybe it works here. I’ve chosen 10 miles from my home and 7 days old. There are 3 thousand results so I’ll change to today. I’ve got 4 jobs saved in Universal Jobmatch, I think it is not clear enough that the role I have to find is again Customer Service over the phone. 

So that’s the type of CV I’ve got to write.